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A Must-Have for Every Cuckoldress!

I hope everyone’s been having a sexy week! Your favorite teenage dominatrix has been having a blast, doing what she does best—punishing dirty old phone sex addicts for their perverted thoughts. I was having a conversation with one of my femdom phone sex pals, and he admitted that he wouldn’t have thought a 19 year old would know anything about cuckolding. Obviously he hasn’t read my profile on Cuckold Fantasies! Personally, I see no problem with marrying a guy for his money or charm, but that guy would be foolish to  NOT expect me to crave some cock variety!

Your phone sex princess is always on the lookout for new and exciting playthings.  This spectacular find comes to you courtesy of my fellow cocktease and cuckoldress-in-training, Bianca, who is also the girlfriend of one of my phone sex boys.

Make your own dildo!

The “Make Your Own Dildo Kit” comes with everything you need to make a life-like replica of your favorite cock.  The kit also comes in chocolate, for all of you black cock lovers.  The usefulness of this product is ENDLESS!  Your husband/boyfriend would be humiliated if you’d rather play with a rubber mold of your lover’s cock over his worthless little weenie.  On the other hand, if your cucky needs something to do while you’re out getting fucked, giving him a dildo fashioned after your lover’s massive dick would be very generous.

So, do any of my phone sex sissies or sluts have any experience with this?  I’d love to hear your about your experiences!

Your Femdom Phone Princess,
Yahoo IM: Empress.Molly
Phone: 800-356-6169

3 comments to A Must-Have for Every Cuckoldress!

  • brian a.k.a. blue

    i actually do have my own make your own dildo kit but never made it an old ex-gave it to me and wanted part of me before she left.Sadly she didnt get it so i still have it what ever shall i do with it mistress molly.

  • brian a.k.a. blue

    i have a set of my own and was suppose to give it to my ex so she could always have a part of me with her. I didnt end up making it for her what should i do with the kit now mistress molly

  • Empress Molly

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that you have a kit of your own? Hehe, I have some ideas for you…we’ll talk about them. Until then, behave yourself!

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