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Christmas Thank-Yous and Shout Outs

Here I am, your jet-setting femdom princess, sitting here at the airport while I wait for my plane to the South East to board.  The television in the lounge is playing Christmas music, the grannies have on their holiday sweatshirts, and people are dragging pretty gift bags behind them.  I can honestly say . . . → Read More: Christmas Thank-Yous and Shout Outs

R.I.P. Ms. Bettie Page - We'll Never Forget You

It’s easy for someone my age to take for granted the liberties that women enjoy. As a phone sex princess, it’s sometimes hard to believe that when my parents were my age there were no phone sex companies, and posing naked didn’t come without a backlash. That’s why I want to take . . . → Read More: R.I.P. Ms. Bettie Page – We’ll Never Forget You

Christmas Shopping For Your Bratty Mistress, 101

It’s that time of year again—only 13 days until Christmas! That means you’d better be busy shopping for the phone sex Princess, Mistress, girlfriend, companion, or other woman in your life (or all of the above if you’re that lucky, but I highly doubt you are). Why do men have so much . . . → Read More: Christmas Shopping For Your Bratty Mistress, 101

Play the Cock Market!

Financial woes got you down?  Don’t despair!  Play the Cock Market and win free phone sex calls with the Mistress of your choice!  Here are the details (as posted by Headmistress Ally on the tease forums):

Each Cock Market Player posts the name of one official stock (NYSE) of his . . . → Read More: Play the Cock Market!

In the words of Ms. Viv… "Milking. It Does A Body Good!"

Yesterday was our second night of Cock Therapy walk-ins in our free adult chatroom, Community Kink. Our waiting room was filled with our favorite s, subbies, Fred Claus (the brother of Santa, for those of you who weren’t present), the adorable host of Dare to Dance, Empress Cassidy, and everyone’s favorite MILF . . . → Read More: In the words of Ms. Viv… "Milking. It Does A Body Good!"