So, did all you stroking tease boys kick yourself hard and slap those balls for missing the first Cocktease Princess Diaries Party line?

If not, fucking do it now! Grab your balls and the cock I control and squeeze and slap. I don’t want you to forget again. Maybe no stroking that cock until Thursday at 6:30 pm EST will help you remember.

The Cocktease Princess Diaries are your chance to just listen in with Ms. Molly and myself. We talk, you listen. That’s how it always should be if you are a little stroker boy, who needs to be teased. We talk, while you are silently listening and taking orders. Of course a cocktease never just gives orders, sometimes we play games too. Teasing you involves so many levels of kink. After all we might decide to just pretend you aren’t even there and continue to chat with each other. Or maybe we would notice you and trick you into coming over to our house. Of course that wouldn’t be hard, since you know you really want to follow us home. Then once we had you there maybe we would make you stroke for us while we laughed and taunted you, or maybe we would just sit so close to you that you could feel our warm skin against your body and let you think we were going to do so much more with you.

You just never know, but I promise you’ll love whatever erotic story it is we decide to tell and who could resist cocktease princess games. So this Thursday, don’t be a fucking loser, call in to the party line at 6:30 pm EST and listen to The Cocktease Princess Diaries.

The Teasing, Edging Masturbation Princess