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Inside the Closet of a Cocktease Princess...

You love seeing beautiful women show lots of skin; the more we expose, the better. However, you can’t always get what you want, now can you? (Unless you’re me, then that’s a totally different story…that entitles you to get EVERYTHING your little heart desires ;)).

One of the most commonly . . . → Read More: Inside the Closet of a Cocktease Princess…

An In-Class Demonstration

Everyone that knows me is fully aware of how much I enjoy storytelling. Whether I’m purring in your ear as I set the scene for an erotic roleplay, or sharing the particulars of a perverted phone sex session right here on my blog, stories seem to just pop into my head.

. . . → Read More: Princess Molly’s In-Class Demonstration

Letters to Mistress Claus

I’m excited to share two of the naughtiest letters I’ve recieved on behalf of Mistress Claus. (Haven’t been reading my phone sex blog regularly? Read the post that follows for the back-story on Santa’s femdom wife/Mistress.)

How do your own phone sex fantasies and kinky desires compare?

The first letter is from one of . . . → Read More: Letters to Mistress Claus

Femdom Princess Molly Presents The Legend of Mistress Claus

Christmas carols, holiday stories, and popular culture are inundated with stories about Santa Claus. It’s rare to hear or see any mention of his wife, the elusive “Mrs. Claus”. Why does she stay out of the spotlight? What does she look like? Most importantly, what does she do all day at the . . . → Read More: The Legend of Mistress Claus

The Return of Cuck Stroker and His Cardboard Pussy

One of my favorite phone sex cuckolds–known as “Cuck Stroker” to my blog followers and fellow Mistresses–is back, and as addicted as ever to stroking on cam for his bratty domme.  Cuck Stroker isn’t content to just sit there and twiddle his teeny tiny penis; he realizes that it takes much more . . . → Read More: The Return of Cuck Stroker and His Cardboard Pussy