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Zombies Take New York–and Bratty Mistress Molly is There to Watch!

Happy Halloween-Eve to my fellow Mistresses and our devoted sissy girls, phone sex strokers, and my pervy boys! I hope you’ve all had the opportunity to get a jump start on the festivities by getting dolled up in your costumes, eating lots of candy, and molesting your pumpkins!

I spent the last couple of weeks in New York, where  I shopped and partied with two of my closest girlfriends.  My idea of relaxing is buying things I don’t really need, and eating a big slice of New York style pizza (and looking hot while doing it, of course!).  So, my friend and I sorta casually stroll out of this boutique and step out on to the sidewalk.Well, I stepped right into a crowd of moaning, groaning, drooling men! And guess what?  For a minute, before I turned and looked over my shoulder, I thought all of you had found me!

Nooo, it was a Zombie Crawl–right there in New York City–and I got to be a part of it.  🙂 There were hundreds of people dressed up as my favorite “people” ever, the walking dead.  I wished I had known about it beforehand, so I could’ve dressed up and shuffled down the street with them. A few of them had their shirts off and actually looked super hot! ‘ll definitely be back for it next year.  That’s part of what I love about big cities;you can just be walking down the street and suddenly you’re in the middle of a Zombie Crawl!

While it was nice seeing my girlfriends, acting slutty, and spending money, I missed Cassidy and the rest of my fellow femdom Mistresses here at LDW. I also missed a few of my “excitable strokers” and my “perverted soul mate”, so I knew it was time to come back.

I have wild, sexy, and enchanting memories from my excursion to the Big Apple, but I’m looking forward to welcoming the holidays with all of you and being a part of what’s in store for the coming months.

Don’t forget to drop by the Live Help Desk tomorrow for your trick or treat, everyone! 🙂

6 comments to Zombies Take New York–and Bratty Mistress Molly is There to Watch!

  • Miss Molly Please You Bite Me I very Like your Bite

  • Tootie

    The time you were gone was TORTURE! I’m glad you had “homework” for me or I’d have gone crazy with Miss Molly withdrawal. SO glad you had fun (I actually was on of the zombies stalking you!) 🙂 but even more glad you’re back. Luv you!!! Your perverted soul mate 🙂

  • Molly

    Awww, I know! Speaking of homework, I have stuff for you to do while your wife is in the other room. 😉

  • Tootie

    OMG …. you know I’ll so do ANYTHING you tell me!!!

  • fluffy

    “moaning,groning, drooling men” yes that pretty well defines us.
    (though I don’t understand the zombie fascination) I do understand the fascination with you.
    just sent you a email. I guess you do make appts.

  • Ms. Molly! You’re back! 🙂 You were missed around here. I’m glad you had fun in the Big Apple, and that you enjoyed the Zombie Crawl. That must have been so surreal to just walk out into… lol!

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