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Sneaky Stroker? Try Sexy Texting!

Do you  find yourself missing me, but a phone sex session just isn’t an option? (No, “S,” not all of you are brazen enough to whimper and moan into your handsets while your secretary and colleagues are outside your office door! LOL!) If so, consider a Sexy Texting session!

Most of you probably know what an erotic text session is. We have a private chat room set up where you and I, or the femdom Mistress of your choice,  can engage in a 1 on 1 fantasy chat. (Sexy Text sessions can also be done via Yahoo Messenger and Skype.)  What you don’t know is why you should purchase one. 🙂 Not only is it a way to secure my undivided attention when you’re feeling needy,  but there’s that part of you that wants to be like “S” and tell me your naughty secrets–but, without the risk of being caught–when you can’t be alone.

Text Sessions can be arranged by appointment, or you can always check the Sexy Texting website to see if your cocktease princess is available.  In case you’re wondering why you might see me available for texting and not calls, it’s probably because I’m on campus and in between labs and classes.  Feel free to request a cock tease phone sex session anyway, because you never know what I might be up to with my wacky schedule, or I can recommend one of my Mistress friends.

“Talk” to you soon!

Visit to Purchase Your Session!

4 comments to Sneaky Stroker? Try Sexy Texting!

  • Sexy Texting is so much fun! I don’t know why more guy and ladies don’t love it!

  • Alice Wonder

    It’s really hard to text when my eyeballs just popped out of my head.

  • Tootie

    Sexy texting is great. I’ve done a few sexy texting sessions with Ms. Molly and she is just as sexy and sweet and funny as she is on the phone. Of course if I were to look at this insanely hot pic you posted while sexy texting, I’d only be typing with one hand. Miss Molly .. you are HOTTTTT!!

  • Yes, sexytexting is great for the married, horny guy with a full house who, for one reason or another, can’t get pussy from his wife. So instead he opts to sneak down in the basement home office to ‘work’ or jerk off with his Mistress while everyone is sleeping! Um, not that I would know anything about that…! 🙂

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