Thank you to everyone that’s been asking how the move went (in case you aren’t aware, I’ve spent the last couple of months apartment hunting, while the last few weeks have been spent moving into the new place). It was stressful watching the fellas move my stuff in and out, then up and down the stairs. I was certain something would get broken, or one of the guys would try to steal a pair of my hottest shoes or some lingerie, but my fears were unfounded. My stuff and I made it here safe and sound.  I had to take a few days off to decorate and entertain curious friends who were dying to see the new place, but I’m back! Why not call for some cock tease and denial, phone humiliation, or girl talk, while I sit here and unpack my things? I’d love the company! 🙂

My new building is full of interesting people, so you’ll probably hear me talk about the neighbors over the next several weeks.  Last night while walking my dog, I met a sexy black guy that lives just above me.  As he was talking to me, I couldn’t manage to look into his eyes…I kept staring at the bulge in his pants!

Then there’s the tall, attractive landlady, who has two houseboys (she calls them the “maintenance workers,” but I know better) living with her.  Since she lives kitty corner to my place, I can often hear her screaming commands at them, such as “cook this,” and “go get the mail!”.  Maybe I should stay up late and try to hear what else she tells them to do. 😉

Anyway, there’s a bunch of other attractive girls living here, so there will be no shortage of people to hang out with and get to know.

One last thing I’d like to mention…a great big THANK YOU go out to those of you who’ve been sending gift cards and other goodies to help decorate and make me feel more at home.  Your sweetness will be rewarded. 🙂

Until next time…

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