I’m excited to share two of the naughtiest letters I’ve recieved on behalf of Mistress Claus. (Haven’t been reading my phone sex blog regularly? Read the post that follows for the back-story on Santa’s femdom wife/Mistress.)

How do your own phone sex fantasies and kinky desires compare?

The first letter is from one of my adoring sissy girls, Adrianna:

Dear Mistress Claus,
Thank you so much for the 8″ Ejaculating Dildo…thank you especially for the wonderful experience of having a threesome with two guys. I adored the feeling of a cock in both my mouth and my sissy pussy. Just thinking back on it makes my sissy clitty into a sissy stiffy. If you have found me to be a good and obedient sissy, I would like the following for this Christmas this year:


  • a 13″ big black cock dildo
  • a set of MAC makeup brushes
  • The last thing I would love to have for Christmas, would be for you to arrange me being discovered as a sissy by all the cute and sexy fashionista girls at work, so that they can fuck me with huge strapons and whore me out to all the guys at work for blowjobs. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to whatever you bring me.

    Your sissy slut,

    The second letter is from jizz eater “Stanley,” whose love for cum is expressed in his wishlist:

    Dear Mistress Claus, beautiful and dominant Queen of the North Pole and of cum eating bitches everywhere,

    Princess Molly says I don’t deserve any cum for Christmas.  That  is because I can’t even eat my own.  She says I am a cum waster, and until I stop wasting cum I shouldn’t be allowed any more. I promise to keep trying to be a better cum whore, so that maybe one day I can enjoy one of her boyfriends.

    The only things I can ask for are things to help me eat cum.

  • Condoms, size small, to catch my cum and save it for later.
  • An ejaculating dildo, to suck like the slut bitch that I am and should be.
  • Gay porn, since cum whores like me don’t really like pussy, and I can pretend it’s their loads I am about to eat.
  • Thank you for listening to a pathetic loser like me.

    Keep sending in your letters, and I’ll continue to post my favorites. 🙂

    Until next time…

    For an erotic phone session with Empress Molly, call 800-601-6975
    Must be 18+ to call
    Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
    Discreetly billed to a major credit card