Cocktease Princess Molly 800-601-6975Everyone that knows me is fully aware of how much I enjoy storytelling. Whether I’m purring in your ear as I set the scene for an erotic roleplay, or sharing the particulars of a perverted phone sex session right here on my blog, stories seem to just pop into my head.

A while ago, my friend and femdom mentor, Ms. Vivian, began writing a story on her blog. For weeks, I’ve been meaning to pick up where she left off, but I was trying to decide between two directions in which to take the story. Well, I’ve decided where to go with it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Ms. Vivian and I play “Pass the Story”.  Be sure to visit Vivian’s blog to read her opening!


An In-Class Demonstration

Who would believe that heading to class on Monday mornings was something I actually looked forward to? Not only that, but I had to make certain, each and everyday, to wear one of my hottest little cocktease ensembles…halter tops, mini skirts with thigh-high boots, cleavage baring camisoles, tight jeans…anything I’d wear to the club, I’d definitely wear to Monday morning’s lecture.  Classes with Professor Vivian were unlike any other at the university; putting your sexual prowess on display was encouraged, not shunned.

Last Monday morning, I sat quietly in the front row, applying an extra coat of gloss to my pouty lips, when Professor Vivian held up my latest essay, titled Sexual Healing, and asked me to share an excerpt with the class.  Of course, I blushed; not because I was nervous, or had a fear of public speaking, but because my essay was inspired by a fellow classmate that I’d been teasing throughout the semester.

The lecture hall was silent; Professor Vivian sat on her desk, showing off her long, shapely legs as she fiddled with her pen and waited for me to speak.  “Go on, Molly,” she encouraged.  I slowly rose, pulling my mini skirt down as I did, of course.  I was about to begin reading my essay, when I decided to make a suggestion.

“Professor,” I began, “I don’t think my essay will really…illustrate my point.  Do you mind if I do a demonstration instead?”  Professor Vivian nodded her approval.  I walked to the back of the lecture hall and approached Ethan, the guy I’d been teasing all semester long.  He was definitely hot; he had dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, a fit, muscular body, and best of all, the bulge he got in his pants when I bent over to get things out of my backpack was always quite big!  I grabbed Ethan by the waist of his pants, and led him towards the front of the class.  Now, he was the one who was bright red!

I made Ethan lean against the desk as Professor Viv, clutching her giant latte, smiled with delight.  Everyone knew where this was going.


So, where do you think this is going?  Post your suggestions below, and stay tuned to Ms. Viv’s phone sex blog for the next installment!

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