The last few weeks have been full of entertaining and unique phone sex role plays. One such role play was a two Mistress call with my fellow Phone Princess, Miss Melanie, of www.teaseprincess.

The Two Mistress Modeling Agency

Suppose you see an ad in your local newspaper for an amateur male model to pose in fun, cutting-edge shots. Not only are the photographers willing to pay you as much as you make in an entire week for just three hours of work, but there’s a picture of the two little teases that run the studio, and they’re gorgeous. Who in their right mind would say no to such an opportunity? It’s just a little smiling and posing, right?

Not-so-Coerced Feminization

When our male model, “Karl,” arrives at the studio, he’s excited to get in front of the camera and start posing. He takes off his shirt, and flexes his muscles for Melanie, the head photographer. All is well until I, Miss Molly – the producer and stylist – emerge from the dressing room with a trunk full of costumes. Karl is shy about slipping into the pair of panties I pull from the trunk, but with Melanie’s furious clicks and compliments on his tiny ass, he acquieses and we decide to take things a step further.

After a few twirls, some rump shaking to disco songs, and a few kisses for the camera, I decide to add to our model’s ensemble with a feather boa and pink, sequin pasties to wear over his nipples. When Melanie and I mention how tingly and wet sissies in panties make us (*giggle*), “Karl” is too eager to become “Karla”.

Three is Never a Crowd!

We decide that the pictures are too ordinary…no different than any other photos of sissified males found all over the web. To make things more interesting, we invite two more models to join the session – Marcus, a tall, dark, and handsome guy with the body of a football player, and Steve, a muscular blonde with the looks of a Calvin Klein underwear model.

In the beginning, they pose like frat boys, giving one another high fives and handshakes. By the end of the session, Karla is coerced into sitting on his knees between Marcus and Steve, smiling at the bulges in their pants. To make our photographs *really* stand out, our clients and fans must see cocks. So, as soon as everyone’s pants come off, it didn’t take too much to get our newly sissified Karla to take one in the mouth, and the other in her boy-pussy, smiling all the while like a seasoned porn star.

What do you think? Would you like to visit Mistresses Molly and Melanie’s photo studio? Besides coerced bi sessions, we also love to get guys in front of the camera for guided masturbation, or maybe we like to join in and show of our bodies for the camera. *Giggles*