One of the perks of being a phone sex princess here at LDW Group (aka Enchantrix) is that I often feel like I’m  being offered money in exchange for allowing men to entertain me. Come to think of it, that *IS* the case! Yahoo  Messenger has become my own, personal porn network, where cam strokers masturbate as told and gobble up their cum, while the stories and notes I receive on a daily basis are a great distraction between classes.

A Phone Sex Call to Remember

Last Thursday I had the sincere pleasure of spending 7 hours (mmhmm–SEVEN hours) laughing my ass off with the worthless male known around these parts as Charlie. It started with a lengthy e-mail, in which he introduced himself as a “servant” with “filth filled testicles,” and kindly requested an opportunity to entertain me with his 25+ page story about a female dominated society. I was skeptical that anyone calling themselves a worthless male could keep my attention span for longer than 3 or 4 pages, but his story—complete with sound effects—depicted exactly the sort of femdom utopia most of us fantasize about.

I propped myself up on my chaise and listened as the story began with details of the worthless male’s engagement to a beautiful, dominant woman. Sounds blasé so far, right? The worthless male allows himself to be kidnapped by a group of women and brought to a training facility, where he’s placed into a dual-lock, male chastity device. One key is given to the bride-to-be, while the other goes to his future mother-in-law.

Newly chastised, collared, and humiliated, the worthless male is brought on stage before an audience of 50 women. For their viewing pleasure, a jumbo screen towers above the auditorium, so they can clearly see every little detail of his humiliation. Using psychological torment and the most brutal ball busting methods possible, it’s during that opening scene that he begins his descent into bitchhood, and I found myself giggling and cheering along with the ladies in the imagined audience.

This was just a fraction of his tale. Seriously, there’s not enough time for me to offer a full summary or more about the inner-workings of this femdom society, but I just HAD to share my experience with you guys and girls.

The Worthless Male Isn’t So Worthless After All!

Charlie was my personal storyteller, pausing and repeating on command like an android, and kindly elaborating on details of the worthless male’s abuse. Thank you, Charlie, and to all of the other “worthless” males that I’m fortunate enough to meet, for providing me with some of the fucking best entertainment EVER!