Many of you have been asking for it, so you shall receive!  Our one and only Ms. Tia,  a.k.a. the “Masturbation Mistress,” has invited your Live Help Hottie to join her LIVE on this week’s installment of The Mistress Interviews!  Being the kind, generous girl that I am (Constance–you better not be laughing!), how could I refuse an opportunity to show some love to my adoring sissies, stroker boys, cum sluts, cock suckers, and fellow Mistresses? I haven’t forgotten about a single one of you (not even you BBC phone sex loving bitches and peeping tom pervs) , and I can’t wait to get back to taking calls on a somewhat normal (though limited) schedule.



The Mistress Interviews?  What’s that?!?

The Mistress Interviews is a weekly program broadcast on Talkshoe (for those of you living under a rock, it’s a live podcast and internet radio format) every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern.  A different Mistress is featured each week, and our very own Barbara Walters of fetish phone sex, Mistress Tia, asks her the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to, as well as the ones you haven’t thought of yet!  It’s actually pretty cool, because you get an opportunity to stream the sexy interview LIVE, while chatting along with the Mistresses and fellow listeners in the Talkshoe chat room.

Where can you listen to Princess Molly’s super sexy interview?

That’s right! I’ll be the guest of honor this Tuesday, 4/26, at 8:00pm Eastern time (that’s 5:00pm Eastern time for my West Coast girlies and slutties).  Visit to listen in and join the chat room up to 5 minutes before the fun begins.

What if I can’t make it to the live interview?

Then fuck you!  No, no…that’s okay! Your cock tease Princess will post a recording right here on my blog for your listening pleasure.

I’ve always wanted to know…

Wondering what my favorite panties look like? Where did I lose my virginity? Have I ever made a man eat his cum? What do my girlie friend, Cock Tease Cassidy, talk about when we’re alone?  Post any questions you’ve got, or e-mail them to me at to hear them answered on air.

See you Tuesday night!