A big, sexy “Hey!” to all out there in Phone Sex Fantasy Land!! I’m BAACK! At least for now, that is.  It’s been a busy summer for me as all of you pervies could guess.  I hope all of you had a hot and sweaty summer in the sun.  As for me, I had an interesting summer of cock teasing and parties…oh man, the parties! They lasted for days!!  I also made some great memories working at the Live Help Desk with Mistress Extraordinaire and fellow cock tease, Cassidy.  I hate to see the summer go, but I see pumpkins and ghosts in my future, so it’s not so bad. 🙂

As you all know, while I’m first and always a bratty cocktease princess, I’m also a huge Science Fiction fan.  I think someone should take a whip to whoever decided to change that scene in Return of the Jedi.  Why mess with such a great movie?  You know, I should call that man.  I could get him to do anything for me…if I wanted to, of course. 😉 (He’s probably old and gross, so I probably wouldn’t want him for very much.)  I bet all of you pervs are picturing me in that cute little gold bikini Princess Leia wore.  (Note to self:  Buy Return of the Jedi themed bikini for next summer.)

Speaking of great movies, the fall television season is starting soon and you know what that means, my pervy minions…. Criminal Minds will be back for a new season, along with Miss Cassidy’s and my super sexy boyfriend, Spencer Reid (that’s DR. REID to YOU). As you know, I also love Dog the Bounty Hunter and Jail (one of those super shitty reality shows on Spike TV).  I just LOVE to watch Dog and try to guess Beth’s bra size! I think one of her boobies is as big as my head, but whatever.

Anyway, I hope all my phone sex sissies, penis lovers, and chronic masturbators  have a great start to October.  If you find yourselves in need of a phone sex session with yours truly, don’t forget that I’m available for appointments! Just because I’m a Cock Concierge for Ms. Ally now doesn’t mean I won’t pick up a phone and chat! 🙂  See my schedule page for further details.

As you were, my slaves!