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Your favorite oppositionally defiant, spoiled brat-ty Mistress is finally blogging! Hello there! I am Mistress Lacey, and welcome to Cock Tease Princess! Trust me, your cock will be thoroughly teased. And depending on my mood, your cock may or may not be pleased. That’s how I roll. Shall we skip to the good part?

I’m a college coed who loves domination and especially humiliation. I love being a brat! There’s nothing that pleases me more than to humiliate you while making you spoil me.


Brat-ty Mistress Humiliation

I get off on your inadequacies. Your shortcomings make me laugh to the point to where my stomach hurts. Your tiny penis will definitely leave me in stitches. I love squinting while trying to find that itty bitty cock of yours, pointing and laughing at it like I have zero maturity.

Don’t tell me you have a decent sized cock but still need the humiliation. You will surely get a worse tongue lashing than those little dicked losers. Beta males come in all sizes. You’re no exception. I love being a brat!


Spoil Your Brat-ty Mistress

The best thing about you all is that when you spoil me, it hits my account all the same. I’ll still be the unappreciative bratty babe coed who loves treating you like the scum on the bottom of her shoe. I’m thinking that maybe you’re worse than that scum. That’s why I’ll be the bratty princess that makes you eat your cum. Your jizz will slide right down the hatch like any hopes of there being any affections from me towards you that isn’t transactional.

It will always be transactional. It will always be about you letting go and giving all of yourself to me in ways that you haven’t given yourself to any Mistress before me. You will worship your bratty babe. You will crave your bratty domme like a junky needs their next hit. And as a reward, your bratty princess makes you eat your own cum. You will look forward to this like you did Grandma’s fresh cookies. Hot. Gooey. Sometimes sticky.


Bratty Humiliation: All In Good Fun – Or Not

Have you ever been humiliated by a brat? Today should be the day for you to start. It is time for you to relinquish control and give it to a bratty coed babe who has no regard for you in any way, shape or form other than for her sheer amusement.

I’m pretty harsh, aren’t I? Because its what you need. Brats aren’t here to be sweet or coddle you. Why would I do that? It’s all about me! Bratty babe worship isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a bratty babe that will call you pet names and snuggle noses with you, the right transaction will get any job done. Just don’t think you will not be humiliated immensely for such an imbecilic request! The only thing you’ll be snuggling with is the pretty hole in between my bum cheeks! I love being a brat!

This is all in good fun! Or is it? You’ll have to call to find out. You’re already curious, aren’t you? You are dying to know what it’s like to be under the reigns of a bratty domme. Just know that so many others have already made the right choice to give in, let go and be under my complete, bratty control. Those losers wouldn’t have it any other way. You can do the one smart thing you’ve ever done in your life and try me. And when you do, you will never be the same without me. Be prepared to get hooked by a bratty babe coed Mistress today!

Until next time, Loser!

Cock Tease Princess Lacey

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