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Hey there, humiliation junkies! I see you’ve come here to the page of your favorite brat Mistress to learn some more about the ways I can humiliate and degrade you. Well, I’m glad to see you’re back for more because I’m always up for dishing it out!

My Thoughts On Humiliation

One thing you should realize about humiliation and how I use it is that my entertainment and amusement are more important than your comfort. If I want you to meet me at a college bar in a vinyl dress, lipstick, and a wig, I expect you to do it. Say for instance, I want you to come and pay for my friends and me to have a nice dinner while you wait in the car in pink panties, you do it. And if I want to whisper in your ear how small your dick is while I fuck you with my massive strap on, you agree.

In all of the aforementioned situations, your comfort is a distant second to my personal wishes. I’m not going to put you in a situation where you could be unduly harmed. You can trust me on that. But I *am* going to humiliate you whenever I want, as long as I know it’s safe. You can trust me on that as well!

Often, It Starts With SPH

Sometimes, guys ask what they can expect during a humiliation session with yours truly. I always have to tell them that I don’t follow a script. Each humiliation session with me is unique and tailored to your own personal shortcomings.

That being said, there are some commonalities when it comes to this sort of thing. Like, for instance, my humiliation sessions often begin with SPH, or small penis humiliation. This is most likely because many of you who are not blessed in the cock department already know that you deserve to be humiliated mercilessly, so you offer yourselves up as a sacrifice to the Humiliation Monster (that’s me). I’m know you think it’s somehow better if you ask for it and receive than if you get it unsolicited!

Of course, SPH is merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s just a starting place. The low-hanging fruit that I can’t resist picking. What happens next depends on you and what you choose to share with me. I encourage you to be as honest and forthcoming as possible. This will make your humiliation experience most satisfying.

Methods Of Degradation

At this point, you can sometimes expect verbal humiliation. At other times, I might choose to humiliate you physically. Often, it’s a mix of both.

Maybe I’ll have you do something like dress up in panties and stand in front of a mirror while I give you orders and make fun of you for following them. Perhaps you can kiss the mirror and leave a lipstick stain on it, then do a silly little dance for me while you watch yourself. Maybe I’ll let you bend over and give yourself a spanking while you look back over your shoulder into the mirror. It’s possible that I might have you do jumping jacks or something equally ridiculous while you’re there in front of that mirror. And of course, all the while, I’ll be giving you crap for it!

Truly, there is no one blueprint to how a humiliation session with me might go. But hopefully, what I’ve said above gives you a little bit of an idea of what you might be able to expect. So if you want to be humiliated by the best of the best, I encourage you to give your bratty Princess Lacey a call today. I can’t wait to add to you to my list of men I’ve made cry!


Until next time, Losers!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey