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For most men, the idea of being locked into chastity is horrific since most that call are masturbation addicts. I am seeking a beta male to have male chastity phone sex with who knows he shouldn’t have a free penis. He’d be totally at my mercy. He masturbates daily and usually cums two to three times, so having someone like that locked up and unable to cum would be a sheer delight. I’d be able to get him to do nearly anything to be let free of such a device. Men are very agreeable if an orgasm is within reach. You can really tease and torment them and they will usually give in to you out of desperation. Sounds mean, doesn’t it? That’s the whole idea!


Chastity Dreams

Have you ever willingly put yourself in chastity? I love watching on cam when you’re so into it, unable to control yourself as you show off your cage for me. Can you imagine keeping your cock untouchable and without an orgasm denial of six months or more? You’d likely go insane! There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a loser that enjoys being denied. I benefit greatly from this behavior like the little sadist I am. I certainly do not go without taking great pleasure in one’s agony. I often think about a guy regularly bringing me to orgasm with his tongue, only to have him be able to play with his balls and stop without getting a sweet release. Being a cocktease is so fun! It would drive him crazy! His dick would leak out the side slits of the chastity device he’d get so horny.

No relief for him though, I would see to that. I would keep him locked up for months if I felt like it. Maybe even just a few weeks here and there if he were good. I would tell him it makes him much more focused and he is able to concentrate so much better on his tasks at hand when he didn’t need to keep playing with his cock several times a day. He will always be willing to go down on my me since he is always so extremely horny. He’d offer me gifts to let him out of his chastity device, all while I ignore his advances. His begging would be music to my ears. He will always be up to bargain because he never knows how long until the next time I’d let him out.


Frustration While In Chastity

The frustration level of a man locked up can be comical to watch. The begging, the pleading, the bargaining. Once I set my mind to a certain date, there’s no swaying me. So you can beg and cry all you want, it will do no good. It may even anger and annoy me to the point of extending that date I originally had in mind in the first place. So don’t test me during our chastity phone sex session. 

Some men in chastity have discovered that a prostate massager or butt plug can in fact give them an orgasm with no penile stimulation at all. They will rock back and forth on their toys and all of a sudden explode. Some that put themselves into a chastity device will seek out these toys(A personal favorite of mine is to control his Lovense device). They know it’s a way to experience orgasms without getting to use their hands on their own cocks. Have you been placed in chastity before? Of your own choice, or did you have a Mistress place you in it and for much longer than you agreed to? I’d love to hear all about your experience of your cock being locked up and how you coped with it.