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Cuckold humiliation is one of those things that (as you guys probably already know) I really excel at. I love reminding you of exactly why your wife isn’t fucking you. I mean, I know you are already aware of it, but it keeps you humble to refresh your memory regularly.

So let’s review a few things to really drive the point home about why you’re a cuck and why you deserve regular cuckold humiliation to keep you in your place!

You Have A Small Cock

The first and foremost problem is the size of your dick. It’s small. You know this, I know this, your wife knows this. Her bull probably does, too. You can’t satisfy her with such a tiny little thing, so she has to seek out pleasure elsewhere. And really, who can blame her for it? Every woman deserves to be pleased sexually, and if you can’t do it, it’s up to her to find someone who can!

Of course, most types of cuckold humiliation do involve some small penis humiliation. I mean, after all, if your cock were bigger, your wife wouldn’t be looking elsewhere for pleasure, now would she? I hope that if she ever allows you to watch her fuck someone else, she also has you stand next to him and compare dick sizes. That’ll surely humble you, even more than me telling you how tiny you are! Seeing it for yourself will really drive the point home, for sure!

You Get Cuckold Humiliation Because You Can’t Satisfy A Woman

There are other reasons besides your small dick that your wife doesn’t want to fuck you, though. It may be that you have erectile dysfunction and have a hard time staying hard when you should. Or it may be that you have premature ejaculation problems, so you cum way too soon. Or you may even hit the trifecta of loserdom, which means a small cock, ED, *and* premature ejaculation. That’s the kind of dick that only deserves to be locked away in male chastity and forgotten about forevermore!

Now, your (very unfortunate) cock may not be the only reason you can’t satisfy your wife or any other woman. You may just be totally inept, sexually speaking. And if that be the case, then there’s really no hope for you. You can probably be taught the proper way to perform creampie cleanup duties, but that’s about all you’ll ever be good for. Oh, well, at least you can do *something*, right?

You Need A Humiliatrix

As you can no doubt see, cuckold humiliation is more than appropriate for a little shrimp-dicked loser like you. You should never be allowed to forget your many shortcomings. You should also constantly be reminded of why your wife has to go outside her marriage to get her needs met.

So that’s what you need me for! I am a Humiliatrix who is second to none, and I’ll be happy to clue you in on why your wife doesn’t want you. During our cuckold humiliation session together, I’ll emphasize repeatedly all the reasons that she’s not attracted to you anymore…assuming she ever was in the first place! I’ll stress all your many deficiencies and laugh as you get hard, cry, or both!

So what are you waiting for? You definitely need some cuckold humiliation with me, so grab your phone and start dialing to get humiliation phone sex with your favorite Cock Tease Princess. I can’t wait to get started annihilating you, so don’t keep me hanging. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time, Cuckolds!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey