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Cuckold humiliation is something a lot of men never thought they would be involved in. But, here they are, calling my domination phone sex line, searching for answers. Many are still in denial, but questioning why their hot wife is suddenly working late so often. Why she now also immediately showers when she gets home, even though she also showers in the morning. The last time her cuckold husband went down on her, something didn’t taste quite right. The shower only removes so much, and there’s always remnants of cum left inside that makes its way out and onto his tongue. Some cuckolds turn a blind eye and don’t mention anything. They act as if nothing is wrong, but they know what she’s up to when she has to “work late,” or when she’s “going to be stopping at a friend’s house for a drink after work.”

Cuckold Humiliation Is Not All Alike

Some cuckold humiliation husbands are on board and help his wife prepare for every date. The cuckold waits in angst for all of the juicy details she divulges when she gets home. The cuckold humiliation is ever-present. Accepting it or not. They sure wouldn’t want their friends to know their slut wife goes out a couple of nights a week to be sexually satisfied by another man. The reason being he’s not able to get the job done himself. Too small of a penis is the most common. Sometimes he’s become impotent and can’t do the job anymore. Sometimes the Mrs. has a variety of wants and needs much more in her sex life than micropenis having cuckold husband can offer her.
Hubby may be left alone to jerk off at home while she’s out having a three-way with two of her superb BBC having Bulls you could never hope to compare to. She always comes home to you though, so don’t worry. Just give her the sexual freedom she needs and all will be well. For now. For her, anyway.

Cuckold Attitudes Change

In the beginning, you were mortified at the thought of being a laughingstock if everyone knew you were a cuckold. You were afraid your coworkers would gossip behind your back, laughing at the fact that your wife has sex with other men. You’re a beta male. You can’t even control your own wife! What they don’t understand is you love and even crave the cuckold humiliation her antics make you feel.
You’re developing an acquired taste for watching gay cumshot compilations, aren’t you? Wanting to be a cuckold fluffer much? Watching those Big Black Cocks explode on beta male faces. You’ve been craving a cuckold creampie since your wife let you clean out her cum-soaked cunt. Being a clean-up boy has you thinking you’d like to watch her get this satisfaction in person. You want to feel cuckold humiliation up close. Until now, you’ve only wondered about her telling you about her escapades- if you’ve been kept in the loop at all!
Would you like to watch her get stretched open by that big cock, screaming and making sounds you’ve never been able to get her to make? I’m betting yes, you’d be stroking your beta dick like never before as you watched her partake in the pleasure you have never been able give her. Sure, it might make you feel bad in a way, but the excitement of seeing your hot wife getting pleased cannot be denied.

Cuckold Humiliation Turns You On

You wouldn’t be reading this blog post now unless cuckold humiliation got you hard or aroused. There are so many inadequate men out there. Way more cuckolds in this world than you could ever imagine. You’re just one of many. Nothing remarkable about you. When she has sex with Black men, she’s lost in the moment of passion, absorbed in her ebony lover entirely. If she does have sex with you, on the rare occasions she tosses you a bone, I’m certain she isn’t thinking of you. She’s closing her eyes and imagining an Alpha male giving her the nut she deserves. The next time she’ll get to feel her interracial lover stretch her out, so she’ll make do. She doesn’t want you. You’re a useless cuckold. Go ahead and beat your little worthless cock. At least you’re not masturbating yourself out of charity. That’s what she views sex with you as. An act of charity, you pathetic, cuckold loser.
Until next time, Cuckolds!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey