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There’s no feeling greater than knowing your omnipotence amongst a sea of sissies. Their clitties tingle knowing their cum-soaked panties are in the right hands. Of course, I’m holding those panties open while said sissy is on their hands and knees, waiting to lick the contents of that creamy cotton crotch, but either way!


Some Sissies Love A Sting Or Two

Worship is worship, and I enjoy a cum-eating sissy princess who is obedient and follows instructions. Who hangs onto my every word, not wanting to miss one beat. Things are better this way. With obedience comes reward. And with defiance comes punishment that exceeds one’s expectations.

Some of you sissies like the punishment. I get it. After a long day of brushing my hair and attending to daily duties that I have neither the time nor patience for, you want to feel something.

Maybe it is a swift kick to your useless, bound balls. My preference for punishment would be to stomp out those pesky things in a pair of Kendall Miles while you’re on the floor, begging me not to stop.

Nipple clamps, anyone? Hot pink with hearts is the cutest sissy accessory for you! Seeing you on cam, proudly showing me your itty bitty titties makes me squeal with delight!

These are just a few examples of things I have in my playtime arsenal. My imagination is vast, so you’ll never be bored.



Let’s Be Girlfriends


I love having sissies as my girlfriends. I’m the leader of the pack, of course. My gang of sissies is here to worship me and move on my command. You would help me get dressed and do my makeup and hair. We will go to the mall wearing different shades of pink, perfectly coordinated with our manicures. I would love to see you in short skirts and cropped tops, sucking on a lollipop- showing everyone that you have a hidden talent. We would scope guys out and flirt aimlessly at anything with a cock. Numbers would be exchanged for late-night dick sucking sessions.


Later that night, we would call up the guys and invite them over. In your sexiest bras, panties, nylons and heels, you would be ready to show your Mistress that anything she wants from you, she can have. And tonight, sissies, I want to see you make something disappear. Can you guess what that is?



Late Night Talent Show

Now is your chance to show us your talents, sissy! During our time together, you have acquired or honed the skills necessary to be the perfect cocksucking sissy! And now, in front of a room full of sissies, you’re going to show us all! In this room, all you should see is both me and that hard cock. Nothing else matters but you pleasing your Mistress.

The more you milk that cock with that golden mouth of yours, the wider my smile. Go ahead, faggot. Suck it! That’s a good girl. Your technique is exquisite! Don’t forget to thank me for allowing you the opportunity to wrap your lips around such a juicy, girthy dick. Make him cream, slut!

You feel pressure as I come behind you with my stap on. Are you ready for a ride, sissy? Good. Back and forth. Up and down. Feel that tight pussy of yours expand with each stroke of my pink cock. If only you could see yourself right now, you’d be amazed at how much dick you can take. Don’t stop sucking. You’re serving your purpose. Every real man deserves to get his cock sucked thoroughly to completion. Feel that burst of ooey gooey goodness shoot into the back of that pretty throat of yours. Now swallow it. Wasn’t that amazing? You can cum on my cock now.

Until next time, sissy!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey

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