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You are walking around your office, waiting for the right time to close your door. The suspense is killing you to know what pair of panties your wife packed for you that day. It is a Wednesday, which means the two of you will wear a matching pair while you watch her get pounded by her cuckold bull. You are a proud sissy cuckold, and it shows.


A Sissy Cuckold Prepares His Wife

While your wife awaits her pounding, you are video chatting with her as you help her get ready for her cuckold bull. You pick out the perfect makeup and hairstyle for your wife. Choosing through her vast collection of lipsticks, you find the perfect shade of pink to match your pretty little sissy panties. For your wife’s hair, you show her a tutorial for a sexy, messy ponytail with fringe bangs that is sure to drive her cuckold bull wild when he sees it. When your wife is done styling her hair, you take a step back to marvel at her beauty.

With her makeup set and perfectly in place, you know you’ve done your sissy cuckold duties for the day. Now, all you two have to do is sit back and await his arrival. You have your secretary close out your meetings for the remainder of the day, and watch as your wife nervously toils with her hair. She wants to look perfect for the young man when he arrives. As her sissy cuckold husband, you make it your duty to put her at ease.


A Sissy Cuckold Knows His Place

You know that you have a little penis, and it’s not enough to satisfy your wife as her cuckold bull can. So, you knew that it was in your best interest to be a sissy cuckold. As a cuckold, you can step aside and do your husbandly duties knowing with all confidence that your wife’s lover is making her cum thoroughly and efficiently. You ache to be able to clean up that creampie afterwards.

Your wife hears a knock at the door. Her cuckold bull has arrived dressed in gray sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers. His beautiful, brown skin is glistening in the sun. The bulge in his pants showcasing his big, black cock has nowhere to hide, and your mouth salivates at the sight of it. Your wife kisses him hungrily as she slides her hand past his waistband and grabs his throbbing cock. He’s in his early twenties, and when you messaged him on a dating site, he didn’t know what to make of the situation. At first, the bull was polite. But now, he knows he’s the real man of the house and treats you as such.


The Bull Arrives


Your wife guides her man upstairs as you sit at your desk in your panties. Your suit is neatly folded over a chair. Your tiny little penis is throbbing in anticipation of what is about to happen next. Playfully, the black stud picks up your wife and carries her upstairs. “He’s so strong,” you think to yourself.

Your wife places her phone back on the tripod so that you can see the bedroom. The two lovers laugh and wave at you as they get naked. You watch them with both joy and jealousy as they hungrily probe each other’s bodies.

Your panties are moist at the sight of his growing manhood. It is thick, long and extremely hard. He slams that cock into your wife from behind and she makes noises you’ve never heard before. She shakes and shivers feverishly as she cums. A look of unwedded bliss spread across her lovely face. You have never made your wife cum like that. You never will. Your wife begs for his seed as he explodes inside of her. She’s hungry for that load. So are you. 

Until next time, Cuckold Sissy!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey