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One thing I’ve always wanted, for quite some time now, is a sissy maid. I think having one would be fantastic. I’d love to have someone clean my house for me and also someone to help serve my friends and me when we have our weekly get-togethers.

Of course, we’d also have fun at the sissy maid’s expense. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a little humiliation into pretty much everything I do!

Feminization For A Sissy Maid

The first thing I’d have to do, once I found someone to be the perfect sissy maid for me, would be to oversee their feminization. I might take care of the whole thing myself, or I might delegate some of the tasks to the would-be maid herself. Either way, though, in the end, I’d end up with someone who looked 100% suitable for the job.

My sissy maid would probably be locked in chastity at all times while en femme (and possible even when not en femme) to make sure she pays attention to her duties and not that pathetic thing between her legs. If I felt like making things a little tougher for her, she might get a plug in addition to her chastity device. And if I *really* felt like being mean, the plug might vibrate (and I would hold the remote, naturally).

Service For Your Favorite Brat

My sissy maid would, first and foremost, take care of my home. I would want everything to be perfectly spic and span. My sissy maid is not going to prance around with a feather duster, hoping to be punished because what good would that do me? She is, instead, going to keep my home beautiful at all times. I might even have her learn to cook for me.

In addition to her housekeeping duties, my sissy maid would also take care of my friends and me when they come to visit. You know, it would be the typical sorts of duties for a party. She’d serve us food and drinks and make sure everything was as it should be. But she’d also provide us with some entertainment as well.

A Little Sissy Humiliation

After a few drinks, my friends and I would probably want her to show off her panties a little. Maybe we’d even have her remove her maid outfit, but leave on the lingerie underneath. That’d be the time we’d want her to prance around with a feather duster! It’d be so much fun to laugh at her in her panties and chastity device. Her face would be as red as her butt’s going to be when I turn her over my knee for a spanking!

And, yes, I’m definitely going to do that. No, it’s not because I want to punish her. It’s because it amuses me to do it. Sure, it’ll be embarrassing for her, but it’ll be entertaining for the rest of us. And our entertainment is much more important than her embarrassment!

Imagine me turning on the vibrating plug while she’s getting her spanking. Naturally, I’d have been playing around with it all night while she served us, just to see what she’d do when it came on. But I’d turn it up on high while I had her across my lap for her spanking. She might even orgasm in her cage, assuming it’s not so tight that it prevents that sort of thing. If she does, though, she’ll be in for an actual punishment next….

Wouldn’t you love to serve as my sissy maid? I know I’d definitely enjoy it! So if you’d like to apply for the position, just give me a call right now!


Until next time, Sissies!
Cock Tease Princess Lacey